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HENTSCHEL Ladies watches

Classic, timeless, elegant – the Ladies watches from HENTSCHEL HAMBURG

The majority of Ladies waches that are offered today are fashionable “Bijouterie” watches. Sparkeling with lots of gemstones they are everything but discreet.

For women who emphasize on classic looks and timeless elegance the variety of watches is small. If they desire a high-grade mechanical movement too and not a battery powered one only a few models of the established makers are left.

Ladies watches from HENTSCHEL HAMBURG bear the stylistic DNA of the men´s watches and employ some of the best mechanical movements of our manufactory. Because of the integrated quick-change mechanism the straps are easily matched to your particular attire.

Customer Feedback

“Hentschel watches are unique, have a brilliant design and the utmost elegance. The beauty and craftsmanship of these watches is a joy to every connoisseur. I own every single model.”
Leon Botstein (American Symphony Orchestra)

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„The passionate watchmakers around Andreas Hentschel love what they do. They allow for the time needed. This is what I like the most..“
Michael Mendl (German actor)