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Time for an exceptional watch

Who wouldn´t want to wear a watch that was was exclusively made for him?

Luxury watches can be bought all over the world. But who wouldn´t want to wear a watch which is unique and was made especially for him? If you consider the acquisition of a high-grade timepiece you expect something special, not just an off the shelf article and rightly so!

Exclusive and unique

In our manufactory unique pieces or small series runs are made on order only. Every single piece can be individualised: Different hands, straps, engravings or dials. Because of this you can be sure not to find your watch on every other wrist. A HENTSCHEL  watch  doesn´t show its exclusiveness and value in an ostentatious way but represents classic elegance and Hanseatic undertatement, values that our customers highly appreciate.

Classic design – the typical HENTSCHEL look

Perfect in its proportions

The special aesthetics of HENTSCHEL HAMBURG watches: Comfortably thin, not too large with harmonious proportions – our customers appreciate the perfect wearing comfort of our classic wristwatches.

The HENTSCHEL design approach

HENTSCHEL HAMBURG stands for classic wristwatches – like a delicate sculpture with fine aesthetics and superior wearing comfort. Because of the low silhouette and the ergonomical shape of its lugs HENTSCHEL a watch hugs every wrist perfectly.

As if invisible the domed sapphire crystal spans the equally arced dial on which a perfectly matched set of hands is making its accurate rounds. In fact less than half of a millimetre clearance is enough in that process. This enables us to build exeedingly flat watches which are robust and waterresistant at the same time.

Six sizes to choose from

A HENTSCHEL watch should fit like a tailor-made suit. Because of this we manufacture many models of our collection in up to six sizes:

  • Ø 29,5 mm H1 Ladies size
  • Ø 34,5 mm H1 Medium size
  • Ø 37,0 mm H1 Gents size
  • Ø 39,5 mm H1 large Gents size
  • Ø 38,5 mm H2 Classic
  • Ø 39,9 mm H2 Sport

To make sure you will find the best size for your wrist – perfect in its proportions.

The most personal way to buy a watch

In times where most of the well-known watch brands are incorporated in large, multinational groups and manufacture their luxury watches on an industrial scale  it is a true statement to wear a tailor-made watch. Handmade and not off-the-shelf – as an evidence for value-consciousness and personality. HENTCHEL HAMBURG is a free and independent family business. We don´t consider ourself´s a “watch brand” but a handicraft business with a personal contact to their customers.

The subtle difference

Sometimes a special reason requires a special gift may it be for yourself or a cherished person. With personal contact right from the start you just don´t go “shopping” for HENTSCHEL watches but receive professional advice from one of our staff on the telephone, by e-mail dialogue or during a visit of our manufactory in Hamburg.

First hand advice

First hand competent advice: You acquire your own individual HENTSCHEL watch and not just any luxury watch “off the shelf”. Our professionalism guarantees for a maximum of competence, individuality and exclusiveness. You may choose you favourite while here in Hamburg or use our “sample watch service” with expert advice on the phone while you are in the comfort of your home. Our long experience in selling our watches directly to our customers assures you the best service available.

If you call or write to us within our service hours you will always reach your personal contact person. He knows about your watch and can answer all of your questions, meets all your requirements and is available to you even after you already have received your watch should you need any technical help.

Handmade in Hamburg

Classic wristwatches from Hamburg – highest quality down to the smallest detail

Every part of a tailor-made HENTSCHEL watch is designed and manufactured by us or is made exclusively for us. We do not use parts from other brands or from the so-called “private label” range.

Two inhouse calibers show the technical expertise of our manufactory. We are manufacturing bridges, mainplates, wheels, levers, Chatons, swans neck regulator springs, balance wheels, watch cases and hands on our own.

This is what makes the crucial difference: because of this high inhouse production depth we can guarantee the exclusiveness of our watches ad the original design of our watches. So you can be sure to wear a special watch with a lasting value.

HENTSCHEL Premium-Warranty

A HENTSCHEL watch is a wazch for a lifetime. When a manufacturer makes a promise like that  not only immaculate workmanship is needed but an extensive and customer oriented warranty package is paramount.

The HENTSCHEL Premium-warranty is one of a kind. No other manufacturer offers such a comprehensive service and guarantees.

Every customer who orders his personal HENTSCHEL watch directly from the manufactory will benefit automatically from these service features:

  • 63 month warranty
  • voucher for free service after about five years (value of about €600.00 to €800.00 depending on model)
  • free annually quick-check (testing for waterresistance, checking accuray, cosmetic reconditioning of watch case (value of about €100.00 to €300.00 depending on model)

(The free service and warranty is limited to the original purchaser)

HENTSCHEL Premium-dispatch service

In our Hamburg manufactory we can competently help you with all your requests and concerns. Our premium-despatch service guarantees for a hassle-free pick-up and delivery of your HENTSCHEL watch by our special couriers – reliably  and secure.

Keeping the value

A HENTSCHEL watch is an investment of lasting value. If you have a personal and close relationship with you watch because it is reminiscent of a special occasion or time in you life you always be reluctant to part with that watch. It is a watch for a lifetime and you will rather keep it for the next generation. This is of course the reason why HENTSCHEL watches rarely show up on the second hand market, something which is quite different with other brands.

Customer Feedback

“Hentschel watches are unique, have a brilliant design and the utmost elegance. The beauty and craftsmanship of these watches is a joy to every connoisseur. I own every single model.”
Leon Botstein (American Symphony Orchestra)

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.