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Sample watch service

Try on your favourite watch at home (only available for Austria and Germany)


For all those who want to try on their favourite watch model before ordering we off a unique and exclusive service: The HENTSCHEL sample watch set. You can receive up to two sample watches by courier to try at home. This service is free of charge and the courier picks up the HENTSCHEL  sample watch set again after you have made your decision. Because of insurance issues these sample watches are facsimiles without function.

Please make a request for the HENTSCHEL-sampe watch service:

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Customer Feedback

„The passionate watchmakers around Andreas Hentschel love what they do. They allow for the time needed. This is what I like the most..“
Michael Mendl (German actor)

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

“Hentschel watches are unique, have a brilliant design and the utmost elegance. The beauty and craftsmanship of these watches is a joy to every connoisseur. I own every single model.”
Leon Botstein (American Symphony Orchestra)